A2 Entrepreneurs Fund is For Profit

Let’s not be shy about it. The A2 Entrepreneurs Fund is all about Profit. Your profit. My profit. Making sure that everything I do with my money helps turn it into MORE money. I’m not being mercenary here. I’m just being truthful. If you are on a site for entrepreneurs, you are at least partially motivated by the prospects of profit.

Would you start a business wanting to LOSE money? Of course not! I honestly do not know one single person who wants that. Maybe you aren’t dreaming about millions; maybe that isn’t what you need or even want.

Maybe you just want a bit of comfort in your retirement. Heck. Even $2,000 more per month would make my own life far more bearable. That’s why I don’t give up. Because I KNOW it’s doable. And I hope you won’t give up either. Stick around for articles to come.